Park Board Members:

  • Greg Miller- President
  • Marissa Ratcliffe-Cox- Vice President
  • Jen Johnson
  • Pat Wolf
  • Kenny Thomas

Park Board Portfolios:

Parks: Pat Wolf & Marissa Ratcliffe-Cox

Employees: Jen Johnson, Marissa Ratcliffe-Cox, and Greg Miller

Pool: Marissa Ratcliffe-Cox & Kenny Thomas

Finance & Accounting: Greg Miller and Pat Wolf

Baseball/Softball: Jen Johnson & Kenny Thomas

Crosby Park Board

The Crosby Park Board was established in 1937. For many years the Board was a working board. Then in 2010, the Crosby Park District, along with the Blueline Club, worked to hire a Park Director that could work for both entities. In the summer months, the Director would work for the Parks Department as director and in the winter months for the Community Center as Hockey Coordinator. By forming this position the Park District has been able to make a huge impact on parks and recreation in our area.

Currently, the Park Board, oversees and maintains six parks along with the Swimming Pool/Splash Pad and Youth Baseball/Softball Fields and much much more.

With the recent struggles to find a consistent Parks and Recreation Director, the Park Board determined it would be a good idea to delegate a couple of the board members to each of the main areas that the parks takes care of, including: Parks, Employees, Pool, Finance and Accounting, and Baseball/Softball. The board determined to take those main areas and turn them into the various portfolios to be managed by the Park Board members.

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