Indoor Recreation Center

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on our future Recreation Center plans. We have a variety of information for you to look over. If you have any questions please DO NOT hesitate to call Brock at 965-2650.

A few question and answers to help you better understand the project.

Q: Are you going to raise taxes? A: No! If this Center involves raising taxes the Crosby Park Board will forgo moving forward. As taxpayers ourselves, we understand that this is a want, not a need, and will respectfully choose to step away from the project.

Q: How did this come about? A: The Economic Development Committee recently did a study of Crosby and Divide County and what the residents were wanting/needing in our area. One of the biggest conclusions from those meetings were indoor recreation and more to do in the winter. As representatives of the Crosby Park Board and Recreation we voted to move forward with a cost analysis to see if this would even be feasible for our small town.

Q: Are you building at the St Luke’s nursing home site? A: We have only inquired about the site with the St. Luke’s Board. We understand the timing seems quite soon as the building just closed and it is scary to think of our town without a nursing home however, it is an excellent location to pursue. We are concerned with the drainage but will do more research if the project gets that far. We also have not discussed a pricing or the true opportunity to purchase the land/building from St. Luke’s.

Q: How do you plan to maintain the facility? A: We have a variety of avenues we are perusing on how to maintain and pay for the monthly expenses. A few ideas are: commercial rental space, rent rooms, rent out the kitchen, monthly/yearly passes…these are currently just a few ideas.


Again, nothing is final! In meeting with the St. Luke’s Hospital Board, they have granted us permission to move ahead with perusing our cost analysis based on renovating/building on the property. These pictures will give you an idea of what we are attempting to accomplish with this facility.


It is important to remember these numbers are inflated to reflect the stress in the current economy. There are two different costs 1. Adding on and renovating 2. Building new both have a high and low price option. Again, it is important to repeat, these numbers are HIGH even on the low end there is opportunity for change, phase building, etc. However, we do not want to diminish the idea that this project will be costly at any rate.


Crosby Park Board values our city resident’s opinion on moving forward with a Recreation Center. Before we can make anything final we would like to ask for your opinion and thoughts as we move forward.

This is one of many surveys that we will be gathering public opinions. A project of this scale requires community response for the success now and in the future of this project.

Thank you for your time! We appreciate your response as we gather information.

Take survey HERE!

Public Meeting Recording

Topic: Crosby Rec Center Information meeting
Start Time: Jan 12, 2022 06:53 PM

Meeting Recording:

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