Nordstog Park

Looking for fun for everyone? Nordstog Park has you covered!!

Nordstog park was given to the Park District in 1953 by John Nordstog in honor of his wife Louise Nordstog. Mrs. Nordstog was known as a woman with a kindly disposition, a good wife and homemaker and was held in the highest esteem by all.

Nordstog Park will provide hours of endless fun. Nordstog park has a multipurpose court that was donated by the Ekness Family in 2002. This court allows you to play basketball, tennis (if requested), street hockey, and many other fun games. A new play ground was recently put in the Summer of 2019. A baseball field is also available to use, located in the southwest corner of the park . This park also provides lots of green space to enjoy hangout or any other activity you would like.

Nordstog Park is located at the intersection of 1st St SE and 8th Ave SE.
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