West Park

photo of person s hand holding a horseshoe next to metal stake in the ground
Photo by Laura Stanley on Pexels.com

The possibilities are endless when it comes to West Park. Enjoy yourself with hours of fun on the playground, to listening or even participating in Music in the Park under the amphitheater. Not to mention horseshoes pits (contact the park district for shoes) to vast green spaces for a family football night to a killer game of freeze tag. This park has something for all ages.


On December 15, 1926, Midwest Holding and Investment Company, President A.U. Anderson, deeded the property known as West Park over to the City of Crosby for $1. This property was specifically deeded to the City for use as a Tourist Park and Playground. To this day that is exactly what this park is.

Music In the Park

Bring your own chair, a snack, a drink, a blanket, a guitar and enjoy or join into the fun.

Located on the SW side of Crosby on 5th St SW and Central Ave

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